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Mitigating Climate Change and Space Debris Through Remote Sensing

This webinar will focus on defining what remote sensing activities are, and why development of Remote sensing is challenging for humanity, while also providing analysis of the technology transfer and liberal export rules as a duty to mitigate space debris and climate change.

Space Business Workshop: Launch Your Startup in 5 Easy Steps

Space industry is in the pre-stage of exponential growth, and there will be no better time than 2023 for taking action and establishing your own startup. This workshop will focus on helping you identify the existing opportunities in the space industry, and plotting your next 5 moves to the success of your endeavor.

Space Debris at the European Space Agency

In this webinar you will learn from Vitali Braun, he has been working at ESA’s Space Debris Office since 2015, he is working at on the continuous development of the European space debris reference model MASTER as well as the related software suite DRAMA, which is used by organizations world-wide in the compliance assessment of space missions with space debris mitigation requirements.

Solar System Robotic Exploration Initiatives at ASI

In this webinar you'll learn from Simone Pirrotta, he is Italian Delegate at the ESA Exploration and Utilization Board – EUB and at the International Space Exploration Coordination Group ISECG, he also is the PoC for the NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute – ASI cooperation.

The ICASI Initiative, by SGAC

In this webinar you will learn from Virgile Gautier, who is the Founder of ICASI. a project from the SGAC to propose a standardization of interfaces for On-Orbit servicing (OOS), which is considered one of the niche segments of the space industry, however, there is a huge growth potential due to the transformative nature of the technology and the availability of regular and cheap launches.

Powering Sustainability: Developing Auxiliary Power Solutions for Space

In this webinar you're going to learn how by boosting in-orbit average power, Keval and his company Space Power enable customers to launch smaller constellations with smaller satellites, enable new missions in shadows and eclipse or even mitigate power issues due to battery or PV failures at the beginning or end of life.

Asteroid Impact Mitigation and Assessing the Planetary Defense Missions

Access webinar recordings learn from Brent Barbee, who is as a member of the Investigation Team for NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft mission, leading interagency spacecraft mission design research for planetary defense against hazardous asteroids and comets, serving as the technical lead for NASA's Near-Earth Object Human Space Flight Accessible Targets Study (NHATS).

Earth Observation Data: How to See the Change and Make Better Decisions

Access webinar recordings and learn from Mike Safyan, VP of Launch of Planet Labs - the leading provider of global daily Earth data - how his company helps businesses, governments, researchers, and journalists understand the physical world and take action.