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Recent Instructor Payouts Update

We are thrilled to announce that we are updating the instructor payout processes at Altair Academy! We value our esteemed instructors and want to ensure a fair and transparent system that rewards their dedication and expertise. In this update, we will explain the revised processes in detail, making it easy for you to understand. We kindly request you to review the updated terms and agree to them by filling out the form provided below.

Individual Enrollments:

We have recently revised the payout structure for individual enrollments. Going forward, instructors will receive the same 50% of the total sales revenue from individual course enrollments at the end of each fiscal quarter, instead of monthly payments.

Subscription Enrollments:

In addition to the individual course sales, we are also introducing a new subscription model, which offers students access to all courses placed on Altair Academy for a fixed fee.

50% of the subscription fees collected from students will be allocated to the esteemed instructor pool. This pool will serve as a cumulative fund, from which payouts will be disbursed to instructors at the conclusion of each fiscal quarter. These payouts will be determined proportionally, taking into account the percentage of course enrollments attained by each instructor from the subscribers.

By allocating subscription revenue to the instructor pool and distributing payouts based on enrollment percentages, we aim to ensure a fair distribution of earnings among our valued instructors. We believe this change will motivate instructors to continue offering exceptional courses and foster a thriving learning community on Altair Academy.

Agree to the Updated Terms:

To continue your association with Altair Academy as an instructor and benefit from the revised payout terms, we kindly request you to agree to the updated terms by filling out the form below. Your agreement will serve as confirmation that you have reviewed and accepted the new payout terms.

We appreciate your continued dedication and contribution to the success of Altair Academy, and we are excited to embark on this new chapter together. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at

Thank you!

Further Agreement to Updated Payout Terms:

In the event that an instructor fails to respond within 30 days of being provided with this notice, it shall be deemed that the instructor has accepted and agreed to be bound by the updated payout terms as outlined in this update, effective immediately upon the conclusion of the aforementioned 30 day notice period.

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