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ISC 2024 - The Premier Space Industry Virtual Conference

Updated: Aug 3

February of 2024 is set to be a special time for the space professionals, as the world’s number one virtual space industry event – the 3rd edition of the International Space Convention – is going to take place. In this article we’ll take a close look at what you should expect and why everyone is so hyped about this must-attend occasion.

Over the 5 days, the International Space Convention 2024 will unite the business owners, executives, policy-makers, professionals across the globe and featuring eminent speakers from the industry’s leading entities, corporations, and agencies, and create a platform for sharing insights on the latest developments in the space technologies, upcoming missions, innovative solutions, and host fierce debates around the hottest issues in the industry.

Each of the days will have its unique focus, such as:

Day-1: Space for All

With the goal of making space industry more accessible and unlocking its opportunities globally, discussions will focus on outlining the existing commercial activities in the space industry, diving deep into the theme of space law, policy, and regulations, touch upon various ways on how to prevent shortages in the space industry supply chain, as well as tackling the most important issue for the future growth – the workforce development.

ISC 2024 - The Premier Space Industry Virtual Conference

Day-2: Getting to Space

This day will be dedicated to conversations about the fast-growing global launch and space transportation markets, innovative technologies, new vehicles, the next-generation propulsion methods, the future of space tourism, and the ways to minimize the cost of access to space.

Day-3: Space Applications

Space plays a crucial part in how we make decisions on earth, as well as in our day-to-day lives. Focused on space applications, discussions on this day will revolve around satellite IoT and connectivity, earth observation, space infrastructure development, ground station communications, as well as shedding light on the prevalence of space-debris and the ways to mitigate them.

Day-4: Reaching the Moon

When NASA and the international partners announced the thrilling plan of humanity’s return to the moon, this sparked a new market for commercial players. Day four of ISC will be focusing on the emerging cis-lunar market, as well as the plans for lunar exploration, Moon-Earth communications, and establishing a permanent settlement on the Moon.

Day-5: Beyond Earth

During the day 5 of the International Space Convention discussions will shift away from our home planet outwards towards the mysteries of space. Developing interplanetary-transportation technologies, plotting new robotic exploratory missions, as well as preparing human’s for space environments, and monitoring space for planetary defense purpose will be at the heart of the debate.

Reasons why ISC 2024 Needs to Be Your Virtual Space Conference of the Year

International Space Convention presents an opportunity to join thousands of professionals in an immersive five-day experience for conversation and collaboration around space tech, startups, exploration, and the future of innovation.

ISC 2024 - The Premier Space Industry Virtual Conference

Whether you are a founder, executive, space professional, enthusiast, policy-maker or an investor, here’s some of the reasons why ISC 2024 is a must-attend occasion for you:

Experience a unique gathering of NewSpace founders, entrepreneurs, and policy-makers. See what cutting-edge projects are being initiated by successful entities and innovate in your own.

Interact with the industry’s largest audience of the year via the interactive networking activities and obtain new potential clients and partners for your organization.

Cultivate your knowledge of the NewSpace ecosystem and its downstream, midstream and upstream segments, while making valuable connections with the industry’s finest and your peers.

Discover professional paths and career opportunities in the space industry. You will be able to learn about each profession, get familiarized with organizations’ values, work culture, and what’s typically expected from the applicants in the sector.

How Can Your Company Benefit from Participating in ISC 2024?

By taking advantage of the speaking opportunities at ISC 2024, your company will be able to showcase its thought leadership and gain exposure in front of a broad audience. It is an excellent way to gain publicity and differentiate yourselves from the competition while growing your business.

The international community of c-level managers, executives, decision-makers, technical professionals, and students provides an ideal platform for networking and relationship-building that will help you develop new deals for your business. It is an effective way to raise one's brand awareness and showcase products and technology, as well as to take the market share away from your competitors.

Reach new levels in space career through globally accessible and affordable on-demand learning.

Moreover, it enables businesses to generate niche leads and drive more business, establish fruitful partnerships, and create international cooperation deals. Furthermore, this platform can also be used to attract new talent for your business. In conclusion, the advantages of speaking at ISC 2024 are numerous and should not be overlooked.

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