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Exploring the Frontiers of Space Law and Security: Ep. 19 Altair Insights

Updated: Aug 3

Welcome back, space enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce the release of a captivating new episode of the Altair Insights Podcast. In this installment, our host, Nicholas, had the honor of conversing with an esteemed guest, Michael J Listner. A renowned Attorney, Advisor, Board Member, and an unrivaled authority in the field of space law, space policy, lawfare/hybrid warfare strategy, and outer space security, Listner took us on an eye-opening journey through the realm of legal frameworks and security concerns in outer space.

In this episode, Nicholas sat down with Michael J Listner to delve into the intricate world of space law and security. Listner, a recognized expert in his field, shared his wealth of knowledge and experiences, enlightening us on the profound impact space law has on the development and exploration of outer space.

The conversation began with an exploration of the fundamental principles that underpin space law. Listner elucidated on the importance of international agreements, such as the Outer Space Treaty and the Moon Agreement, in governing activities in space and ensuring peaceful cooperation among nations. He also shed light on the challenges faced in adapting these treaties to accommodate the evolving landscape of space exploration and commercialization.

As the discussion unfolded, Listner captivated us with insights into the intricate relationship between space law and security. He emphasized the critical role played by space assets in our daily lives, including telecommunications, navigation, and weather forecasting. Listner warned of the potential threats posed by lawfare and hybrid warfare strategies targeting these assets, underscoring the need for robust legal frameworks to safeguard space infrastructure.

Listner's expertise in outer space security further illuminated the significant advancements being made in this field. He discussed the emergence of space situational awareness (SSA) and the challenges posed by space debris, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in mitigating these hazards and ensuring the sustainability of outer space activities.

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Throughout the episode, Listner's deep understanding of space law and security, combined with his engaging storytelling, kept us enthralled. His passion for the subject matter was palpable, and his ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible manner made this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of space exploration.

As we bring this episode to a close, we extend our deepest gratitude to Michael J Listner for his invaluable contributions to the Altair Insights Podcast. His expertise in space law, space policy, lawfare/hybrid warfare strategy, and outer space security has left an indelible mark on our understanding of the legal and security challenges faced in outer space.

We invite you to tune in to this captivating episode and join us on this enlightening journey through the fascinating world of space law and security. The Altair Insights Podcast continues to be your go-to source for thought-provoking conversations with industry experts, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and exploration. Stay curious, stay inspired, and keep looking towards the stars!

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