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Developing High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite

Updated: Aug 3

We are thrilled to announce the latest episode of the Altair Insights Podcast, where we delve into the world of business strategy, finance, and innovation. In this episode, we have the honor of hosting Pavel, a co-founder and minority shareholder at STRATOSYST s.r.o. Pavel's role as the Chief Financial Officer at STRATOSYST makes him a driving force in finance, funding, and general affairs for the company. Join us as we explore Pavel's extensive background and discover the key insights he shares with us on this fascinating episode.

Pavel's journey to becoming a crucial figure at STRATOSYST is nothing short of inspiring. Prior to joining the company, Pavel served as the ESA Technology Broker at TC CAS, where he played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between technology and business. His experience as the General Director at the Prague Congress Centre and as a Director of the Innovation Center CKD demonstrates his proficiency in managing large-scale operations and fostering innovation.

Furthermore, Pavel's tenure as the General Affairs Manager of a Japanese solder paste production plant at HARIMA Chemicals and his role as the Head of AfterCare Department at the Investment Promotion Agency CzechInvest have honed his expertise in quality control, product certification, and investment promotion. These diverse experiences have shaped Pavel into a multifaceted leader with a keen eye for strategic decision-making.

As the CFO of STRATOSYST, Pavel's responsibilities span across various domains. He manages the finance and accounting team, ensuring the company's financial health and stability. Pavel also takes charge of identifying and pitching to potential investors, securing crucial funding for STRATOSYST's ambitious ventures. His membership in major internal R&D projects for civil and defense markets showcases his dedication to innovation and staying at the forefront of technology advancements.

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Moreover, Pavel's role extends to protecting the company's intellectual property rights, an essential aspect in today's competitive landscape. He oversees quality control measures and ensures products meet stringent certification requirements. Pavel's diverse skill set and hands-on involvement in different facets of STRATOSYST's operations make him an invaluable asset to the company's growth and success.

Join us on the Altair Insights Podcast as we sit down with Pavel, the strategic mind behind STRATOSYST. Discover the fascinating journey that led him to his current position and gain valuable insights into the world of finance, innovation, and business strategy. Don't miss this engaging episode, now available on all major podcast platforms.

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