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Planetology for Exploration and Habitability in Space

Course Description: 

Introductory class touching on the future of space exploration, in-situ resource utilization (ISRU), and space manufacturing. We will be going over the importance of utilizing resources such as lunar/mars regolith, their chemical and mineral compositions, and current research therein.

Lessons of the Course:

Lecture 1: The Formation of Our Solar System;

Lecture 2 Part 1: Comparing the Geology of Earth to Mars;

Lecture 2 Part 2: Comparing the Geology of Earth to Mars Continued;

Lecture 3: Geology of the Moon;

Lecture 3 part 2: The Geology of Mars;

Lecture 4: Living off the Martian Land - Solutions to Habituating Mars;

Lecture 5 part 1: Mechanical Properties of Sintered Hawaiian Basalt;

Lecture 5 part 2: How Chemical and Mineral Compositions Affect the Outcome of Sintered Basalts;

Lecture 6: A Cost Analysis of Sintering and Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Production of Construction Materials in Space;

Lecture 7 Part 1: Habituating Other Planets;

Lecture 7 part 2: Living on the Moon/Mars.

About Instructor

Kyla Edison is a Ph.D. student at the Colorado School of Mines in the Space Resources Department. Her current research explores casting lunar basalt and anorthosite regolith. The materials she creates will be used as launch pads, pavements, foundations, and radiation shielding for a future sustainable human presence on the moon. Kyla received her bachelor’s degree in Geology with a dedicated focus on Planetary Geology and Volcanology at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo (UHH) in 2016.

Kyla Pumehana Edison - Ph.D.