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A Journey From Classical Physics to Cosmology

What you'll learn in this course:

  • The conceptual foundations of Quantum Physics.
  • Quantum Theory without falling into oversimplifications or hyped versions and yet conceived for an audience of non-physicists.
  • A course that fills the gap between a too popularized version of Quantum Mechanics and too high level university courses.
  • A comprehensive A-Z guide that will save you a ton of time in searching elsewhere trying to piece all the different information together.
  • The double silt experiment, wave particle duality, entanglement, superposition, uncertainty principle, Schrödinger's cat, quantum tunneling and much more.
  • You will learn all the basics, enabling you to distinguish between mere speculative interpretations in fashion and the real experimental facts.

About Instructor

I graduated in physics at the university of Padua (near Venice), and later obtained a Ph.D in physics at the university of Trento. Then worked as a PostDoc researcher in universities in Italy, France and more recently in Germany, where I'm actually living. I'm striving for a new pedagogical paradigm for higher education and working on a project to establish a Free Progress Education paradigm.

Marco Masi - Physicist (Ph.D.) and Tutor