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Introduction to Space Systems Engineering

This course is for anyone with even a slight interest in space engineering!

Through this course, you will be able to look at the big picture of a space mission and the zoomed in intricate details of how a spacecraft is developed from the perspective of every subsystem - from power generation onboard the spacecraft to satellite and ground communication.

The space systems engineering course provides a comprehensive overview of space systems. It takes you on a journey from what systems engineering is, why systems engineering is needed in a space project, how a mission objective and requirements are defined, the different subsystems in a space system, mission and payload selection, and the space environment.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of each subsystem, mission requirements, equipment selection and leave this course thinking ‘rocket science isn’t really that hard to be honest?’

This course will nudge you to think like a systems engineer, communication engineer, orbit control or even mission specialist- all at once. It will make you think about real spacecrafts with real applications, such as the Apollo, Sentinel or Galileo missions. This course is divided into 10 modules that you can cover at your own pace.

A breakdown of topics covered in this course is as shown below:

  • Introduction to Systems Engineering;
  • Fundamentals of Space Systems;
  • Systems Design in Space Engineering;
  • Mission Design;
  • Attitude and Orbit Control;
  • Communication in Space;
  • Power Subsystem;
  • Thermal Subsystem;
  • Structure & Mechanisms;
  • Space & Spacecraft Environment.

You will also be able to test your understanding through a quiz after every module to make the course interactive and expand your knowledge.

Happy learning!

About Instructor

Simran is a double masters graduate in Astronautics & Space Engineering and Project Management from Cranfield University and is an awardee of the Diamond Education Grant for young women in STEM. Her thesis and research explored a systems engineering approach to space applications and she has published research papers in the field of aerospace during her education. She was a space systems engineer for the Rocket Engineering Annual Spaceport America Cup 2020, and is currently working in the field of development and experimental engineering in an aerospace company.

Simran Manchanda