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Satellite Technology: Advanced Course




3.3 Hours


About the Course

This course provides a complete and well-rounded overview of artificial satellite technology, which provide invaluable resources for a multitude of applications. We can use satellites to aid in providing solutions that humanity faces, which as you already know, are quite considerable. They include, but are not limited to, deforestation, natural resources management, wildlife preservation, and maritime security.

You will be presented with the necessary technical knowledge on how each satellite subsystem works such as payload, communication, onboard computer, propulsion, and more. We will discuss the pros and cons of different subsystem equipment, how they work, different acquisition methods, and most importantly how to optimally select equipment based on mission requirements through the systems engineering part. We will also go over different types of orbits and the necessary orbital elements associated, and what types of applications will require which orbits.

Your Instructor

Karim Garad

Karim Garad has been passionate about space since a very young age. His passion was fueled by his family gifting him subscriptions to magazines and courses, and he was certainly amazed by images of nebulae and galaxies taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. He pursued my interests until university where he studied Aerospace Engineering and received a fully funded scholarship from the UK Space Agency to continue. He has been working in the Aerospace industry since university and is currently working in his country's national space agency on top of other personal ambitious projects. As a mechanical design and testing engineer, Karim is engaged in projects with worldwide space agencies and organizations such as NASA, Airbus, and the United Nations.

Karim Garad
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