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Analog Space Missions




6.5 Hours


About the Course

This course provides a comprehensive overview of analogue space missions, covering their history, installation, purpose, current applications, and a comparison with the European Space Agency's selection processes, training, and daily life. You will gain a thorough understanding of analogue space missions, including their origins, objectives, and how they have evolved over time. Additionally, you will explore the various locations where these missions were initially established and learn about their contemporary applications.

The course will also delve into the selection processes employed by the European Space Agency, enabling you to compare them with those utilized in analogue space missions. Furthermore, you will acquire insights into the rigorous training involved and gain valuable insights into the daily life experienced by astronauts participating in analogue space missions.

Your Instructor

Eleonore Poli

Eleonore Poli is a PhD student in Materials & Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge. She was an analogue astronaut and commander for Asclepios I and has participated in several analogue space missions. She leads CHASM, the community on analogue space missions, reuniting analogue space missions via conferences, workshops and creating a wiki on analogue space missions to improve public knowledge and research quality.

Eleonore Poli
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