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Aerospace Materials: Beginners Course




4.8 Hours


About the Course

The course is focused on materials, manufacturing, and design in the aerospace and space industries. It is suitable for anyone interested in aerospace materials. The course consists of 6 chapters and quiz tests for revision of the knowledge. It is based on author’s experience in aerospace, scientific papers and books.

After course completion, you will have better understanding of challenges, possibilities and science behind space missions, passenger jets operation and future moon habitats.

Your Instructor

Zuzanna Rydz

Zuzanna Rydz is a graduate of Cranfield University with Double Master’s degree in Aerospace Materials and Materials Engineering who currently works at Imperial College of London. Experienced in the Urban Air Mobility industry through work in a start-up company as a Materials Specialist. She is experienced in developing sustainable materials (3+ years of working experience in the engineering role) and aerospace technology enthusiast, engaged with space-related student societies: CranSEDS and AGH Space Systems. Author of multiple publications related to rocket and space technologies.

Zuzanna Rydz
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