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A.B.C. of Space Architecture




3.3 Hours


About the Course

In this course, you will learn the basic to advanced concepts and workflow involved in space architecture. There is no prerequisite knowledge required to learn about space architecture.

This course consists of 5 chapters and tests for a better understanding of concepts. The course is based on the author's experience, and research works to clear your fundamental concepts and guide you toward a career in space. Study materials are also included with the lectures, for further studies and better understanding.

After the course, you will get your fundamental concepts clear, and be able to approach a space architectural project. You will also be able to navigate toward your field of interest in space architecture after the course.

Your Instructor

Souktik Bhattacherjee

Souktik Bhattacherjee is a computational designer, a master's in urban design student, and is contributing to space architecture over the past few years with a specialization in the simulation of deployable space habitats. He was part of SSDW 2021, University of Stuttgart, and published research papers on self-sustainable Lunar Habitat at SSEA 2022, Spain, and ICES 2022, US. He is an invited speaker at international conferences like GCGAC, Spain; and Digital Futures/Young and also mentored on Sustainable Space Architectural Design at Moon Village Association, India.

Souktik Bhattacherjee
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